5 Essential Firefox Extensions

I am a minimalist at heart. This is probably why I don’t like overloading Firefox with extensions. There are however, 5 extensions that even I can’t live without. These are my favorite extensions and are currently the only extensions I have installed.


Tab Mix Plus – I was just recently introduced to this extension by a good friend of mine, which is great because it replaced two previous extensions that I really loved. Before I found this extension, I was using Tabbrowser Preferences to manage my tab settings and Session Manager to automatically save my browser sessions. My favorite feature of Tabbrowser Preferences was that it created a “New Tab” button on the tab bar, which made opening new tabs a lot easier. Tab Mix Plus also has this feature along with many more features that make using tabs much more enjoyable. It also saves the current state of all of your windows and tabs automatically so whenever you have a crash or accidentally close a tab you can easily reopen all of your pages.

Colorful Tabs
– A purely cosmetic extension that changes the color of each tab to make them more distinguishable. Probably the most beautiful extension available.

– This extension can dramatically decrease your page load time. It allows you to make adjustments to settings such as cache, DNS cache, maximum simultaneous connections, pipelining, and rendering. If you don’t want to tweak every setting individually, you can choose from a set of presets that will tweak them for you. This extension also allows you to enable prefetching, which downloads and caches page links in the background so they are ready immediately when you click on them.

Download Statusbar
– This extension makes downloading so much easier. It gets rid of the download window and adds a progress bar for your download right above the status bar in your browser. You can then click on the progress bar for more options.

Web Developer
– If you are a web developer or web designer then this extension is for you. This extension adds many useful tools to aid in the development process. My favorite thing about this extension is a feature that allows you to manipulate and change the CSS of the current page you are viewing so you can see changes on the fly.

Now that I’ve showed you mine, I am interested in hearing what your favorite Firefox extensions are.

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