10 extremely useful features of Opera that you won’t find in other browsers


10 extremely useful features of Opera that you won’t find in other browsers

Opera is an internet browser, in case you don’t know which isn’t surprising given it’s 2% market share. But that doesn’t make it a bad browser. On the contrary, Opera is one of the finest browser to have ever been developed. It comes laden with tons of features that makes surfing a great experience. Here I’m going to present, in no specific order, Opera’s ten most useful features that you won’t find in any other browsers.

1. Cached image: Any website that you open has dozens of images embedded in it. It could be the site’s banner, its background, the buttons, the small bars and all sorts of tiny images that make the website pretty to look at. Most of these images are superfluous and eats of lot of bandwidth without serving any purpose other than making the website look nice. Every time you open a page these images get downloaded. If you visit a site frequently that same images are downloaded every time you open that site. Now Opera has this nice little feature called cached image where the browser can load images from the browser’s cache rather than from the site’s server. This means that you save a lot of bandwidth since Opera doesn’t download the images from the server. Let’s see how much bandwidth you can save from the popular sites.

Site Size without images Size with images % bandwidth saved

BBC 42.6 KB 140 KB 70%
MSN 36.2 KB 239 KB 85%
Yahoo 111 KB 270 KB 58%
Digg 66.4 KB 373 KB 82%

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