Boost Your Productivity with These Essential IntelliJ IDEA Shortcuts – PDF Included

These are just a few of the many shortcuts available in IntelliJ IDEA, but they are some of the most commonly used ones. Using shortcuts can greatly improve your productivity and efficiency when developing in IntelliJ IDEA.

Here’s a table of some commonly used IntelliJ IDEA shortcuts:

Ctrl + NOpen a class
Ctrl + Shift + NOpen a file
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + NCreate a new file
Ctrl + Alt + LReformat code
Ctrl + DDuplicate a line
Ctrl + XCut a line
Ctrl + CCopy a line
Ctrl + VPaste a line
Ctrl + ZUndo last action
Ctrl + Shift + ZRedo last action
Ctrl + /Comment/uncomment a line of code
Ctrl + Shift + /Comment/uncomment a block of code
Ctrl + FFind text
Ctrl + Shift + FFind text in all files
Ctrl + RReplace text
Ctrl + Shift + RReplace text in all files
Ctrl + Shift + F7Highlight occurrences of selected text
Ctrl + BGo to declaration of a variable or method
Ctrl + Alt + BGo to implementation of an interface or abstract class
Ctrl + Shift + IInspect code
Ctrl + Alt + LOptimize imports
Ctrl + SpaceInvoke code completion
Alt + EnterShow intention actions
Ctrl + Shift + EnterComplete a statement
Shift + F6Rename a variable or method
Ctrl + Alt + MExtract a method
Ctrl + Alt + VExtract a variable
Ctrl + Alt + FExtract a field
Ctrl + Shift + TCreate a new test

Shortcuts for Java Development

Some more IntelliJ IDEA shortcuts that are useful for Java development:

Ctrl + Shift + TNavigate to test
Ctrl + Shift + F10Run a test or application
Ctrl + Shift + F9Debug a test or application
Ctrl + Shift + AFind an action or setting
Alt + InsertGenerate code
Ctrl + OOverride a method
Ctrl + IImplement an interface
Ctrl + F12Show the file structure
Alt + F7Find usages of a variable or method
Ctrl + F7Find usages of a variable
Ctrl + Alt + F7Find usages of a method
Ctrl + Alt + HShow call hierarchy
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + TRefactor code
Ctrl + Shift + F6Change method signature
Ctrl + Shift + UToggle case
Ctrl + WSelect the current word
Ctrl + Shift + WUnselect the current word
Ctrl + Alt + LShow project files
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + SOpen project settings

Download PDF with IntelliJ Idea Shortcuts

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