Ubuntu 14.10 Screen Resolution on VirtualBox

Running the latest release of Ubuntu 14.10 on VirtualBox may be facing with a low screen resolution issue.  After installing the VirtualBox Guest Additions form CD the problem can’t be solved. The solution is installing the latest version of Guest Additions. This is just one line command from your Terminal.

Type the following command:

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-dkms

Now, you must restart the Virtual Machine and after you should get the correct screen resolution.

Fix Windows 8.1 upgrade error


Several users are reporting Windows 8.1 fails during the upgrade. The first solution is turning On Windows updates and be sure that update: KB2871389 is installed on your computer.
The second problem may come from your Windows Edition. The Windows 8 Enterprise, is not supported via Store or you have installed any cracked version.

If you are ruining windows 8 you can upgrade for free from Windows Store. Upgrade to Windows 8.1