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mission statement

WikiUpload’s goal is to build the largest free file hosting library of open-content video clips, music and media files, and shareware in the world. To accomplish this hosting goal, WikiUpload needs your help! We encourage all visitors to share their free resources and files.


Unlike other file hosting libraries, there are no geographic or financial barriers to accessing this information. Everything on this site is free! This will help everyone benefit from each other’s contribution in a digitally democratic format. We will rank files based on their popularity to showcase the most useful contributions.
The growth of this free hosting service will be dependent on volunteers. We will need your help in contributing files and reporting files that violate our terms of service and hosting.
In the beginning, after uploading your file we will keep it forever as long as it is accessed at least once by anyone in 30 days. As the site grows and resources are added we will be able to allow bigger file sizes than 5GB and longer time periods of 30 days, 45 days and so on. Please, help us fulfill this mission with our free file hosting service!

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