Download Eeebuntu OS for Asus Netbook


A version of Ubuntu designed especially for the Eee Asus Netbook. It is an ideal alternative for those with Xandros as well as for having XP. This new version is based on the latest release of Ubuntu, with built in drivers for the WiFi chipset, graphics, touchpad, webcam and sound. There are also three different versions of Eeebuntu: standard, base and the NBR. The standard includes the version of Ubuntu 8.10 with all the classic applications of third parties (Firefox, etc.). NBR is almost the same but with the interface optimized for small screens. Finally the base, as its name suggests, is a basic version without third-party applications include only essential Ubuntu.


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  1. Eeebuntu – Ubuntu for Eee PC…

    I bet you know what is Eee PC right? I think Eee PC is the first netbook appear on market. The linux version of Eee PC use Xandros as its OS. Some people don’t really like the interface and decided to……

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