What makes a successful blog?


Well as they say content is key, you have to pick a topic from which you have a wide ranging knowledge.  If you can find a niche and strive to become an authority on the topic then people will pay attention.

The regularity at which you add content to your blog also provides a key point in determining whether visitor levels grow.  Frequently added content will help to drive new visitors to your blog whilst also providing regular readers with a reason to keep coming back.

Research research research

Keep your ear to the ground and finger on the pulse looking for the latest news and technologies.  Your users want to find cutting edge articles and if you can’t provide them they will find another site which can.

Create controversy

Now this is something I hear other bloggers mention a lot and to be quite honest I’m not too sure I totally agree, so let me explain.  If your articles cause controversy but you believe in everything your writing and feel you can back up your statements then I have no problem with this.  This is the start of a debate not a war, however, if your sole aim is to cause controversy with the aim of driving traffic and you can’t substantiate your claims/statements then I believe you will only create a negative long term impact on your blog.  Users are not stupid and do not like deliberate and underhand attempts for attention, plus it’s never a good idea to get yourself a bad reputation.

Passion and drive

Your articles must display your passion and drive for your desired topic.  Without this your articles will undoubtedly be a less then entertaining read and more than likely provide very little interest to readers.

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