Large collections of nifty web 2.0 apps


If you are searching any fast Ajax applications or you want to see a fast demo how it work, is a web site with a large collections of nifty web 2.0 applications.
The most Ajax applications are using the jQuery scripts. I can quote some of them like the “Ajax instant edit” or “Table sort , Table organize” different type of Carousel script. Enjoy them on you web site.

Create your free forum in 3 steps

forum is a Free Forum Hosting. Is Easy to get started, just a few clicks to get the discussion started on our free forum hosting service. Spend less time supporting and moderating community, moderation and Anti-Spam support. You can get promoted Email notifications, RSS, newsletters, and Search Engine (SEO) friendly. Provide a better experience for your community members videos, photos. Check out an example forum.

The second search of Google


After the page indexes here is a new features of the big G. The “Second Search”, after you have searched inside on the search results will appear a second search box, but now inside the web site with the term that you have searched.

How linkable is your blog post?


Some of the questions are: My post title includes a pun, My post title includes more than 10 words,I start off by explaining the post’s core idea, My post contains more than 3 paragraphs of my own writing, I spell-checked my post, The post’s idea was “sleeping” inside my head for several weeks before I wrote it down, I was the first to report on this (as far as I know), This post might have profound implications for a company, celebrity, or politican,This post might have profound implications for my readers,This post is in-tune with the overall topic of my blog, I illustrated my post with screenshots, drawings, or cliparts,I end the post with a “bang”…

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