Reveal Passwords behind asterisks in Internet Explorer

Asterisk_P What was the password again for that website ? I bet you have asked that question numerous times, I know that I did. I’m not that good at remembering passwords and it happens that one slips under the radar and I have troubles remembering it. This is not such a huge problem in Firefox with its Password Manager that reveals all passwords that you have saved before but it could be on in Internet Explorer.

The Internet Explorer does not have a password manager equivalent which means that you are left to guess what the password behind those asterisks is. You might need the password if you want to create a pop3 account for Gmail in your favorite mail software which requires the Gmail password.

AsterWin is a small software by one of my favorite developers Nirsoft. The utility will scan all open Internet Explorer windows and reveal the password behind the asterisks. This works if the password is stored on the computer and displayed once you visit the site or enter the username.


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