Enhance Linux Server Security #4 – Install a Firewall


One of the most trusted and a highly reliable Firewall is CSF or ConfigServer Security and Firewall. This can be easily integrated with WHM/cPanel and is widely preferred by hosting providers to protect the Linux hosting servers.

CSF Firewall Supported distro

This Firewall is supported on the following Linux distros:

  • RedHat v7.3, v8.0, v9.0
  • RedHat Enterprise v3, v4, v5 (32/64 bit)
  • CentOS v3, v4, v5 (32/64 bit)
  • Fedora Core v1 to v14(32/64 bit)
  • openSUSE v10, v11
  • Debian v3.1, v4, v5, v6
  • Ubuntu v6.06 LTS, v8.10, v9.10, v10.04 LTS, v10.10
  • Mandriva 2009, 2010

Moreover CSF is compatible with :

  • Virtuozzo (need appropriate iptables configuration on host server )
  • VMware
  • Xen
  • VirtualBox
  • OpenVZ (need appropriate iptables configuration on host server )
  • MS Virtual Server

For Full features please visit the CSF webpage

Web Server Firewall Video Tutorial

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