WordPress 2.5 Demo Site


Chris Johnston has announced the availability of a public WordPress 2.5 demo site.

You can Login with: The username is admin and the password is demo.

It have very cool designs and a lot of new features. The menu is well organized and have really the web2.0 interface. WordPress 2.5 may not be stable and is not for a public use on your website.

Demo Site wp.chrisjohnston.org

Reveal Passwords behind asterisks in Internet Explorer

Asterisk_P What was the password again for that website ? I bet you have asked that question numerous times, I know that I did. I’m not that good at remembering passwords and it happens that one slips under the radar and I have troubles remembering it. This is not such a huge problem in Firefox with its Password Manager that reveals all passwords that you have saved before but it could be on in Internet Explorer.

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Reveal Asterisk Password


Its almost impossible to remember usernames and passwords for all those websites that users visit daily so what mainly users do is that they use the password manager feature of browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox to save their passwords. The password manager then automatically fills the password form of a website whenever you wish to login however this stored password is in asterisk (*****) and is hidden.

There is a trick for both Internet Explorer and Firefox that can help you reveal the passwords behind those asterisk or you can even simply see a list of all passwords saved by IE or Firefox in their program memory.

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