18 Portable Apps That Every Tech Needs


The title says it all. I am a tech and I have found all of these portable apps to be very useful so I thought I would share them with you. All of them can run directly from your USB flash drive. I hope you will find them useful too.

Angry IP Scanner – Scan a range of IP addresses to see which ones are in use. Also tells you hostname, MAC address, open ports, computer name, workgroup, and logged in Windows users.

Follow-Me IP – Utility for finding your external IP address quickly.

Restoration – Allows you to undelete files that have been accidentally deleted from the computer.

ClamWin Portable – One of the best free antivirus utilities and it is available in portable format.

LockNote – A simple text file that allows you to store usernames, passwords, phone numbers, and more with 256bit password encryption.

Portable OpenOffice – An open source office suite that is compatible with Microsoft Office, Word Perfect, Lotus, and more in portable format.

SIW – A system analysis tool that tells you almost everything you need to know about a computer. Useful for finding information about your hardware, Windows configuration, and settings.

WinAudit – Another analysis tool that is useful for finding out information about a computer.

RockXP – View and change product keys for installed Microsoft products including Windows very quickly.

Server2Go – Allows you to install an apache webserver right on to your flash drive with no configuration.

FileZilla Portable – I have always been a big fan of the FileZilla ftp client. Now FileZilla is in portable format.

HFS – An http file server that allows you to easily share files right from your USB drive.

Firefox Portable – Bypass those spyware-infested browsers and use Firefox straight off of your USB drive.

Portable Opera – Or if you would rather use Opera it is also available in portable format.

uTorrent – A very powerful standalone BitTorrent client.

Wiki on a Stick – Useful for storing product keys, configurations notes and more.

CPU-Z – Very detailed information about your processor and other components.

PStart – A Start Menu like program that allows you to organize and quickly run your portable programs.

This concludes the list. If you have any that are useful to you please post them. I am interested in hearing what helps you on a daily basis.

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