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Spicebird is a free and open source collaboration client from Synovel. Spicebird simplifies communication for users by providing integrated access to the various tools of collaboration in a single application. It provides easy access to various web services while users can retain all the advantages of a desktop application.

All Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging 

Based on a powerful instant messaging framework called Telepathy, Spicebird now supports many new protocols in addition to Google Talk and Jabber: AIM, ICQ, Novel Groupwise, MSN, MySpace, QQ, Simple and Yahoo.



Blog Posting Software

Experimental support to manage blogs has been added. It currently supports MetaWeblog API and services like Drupal, Jeeran, Windows Live Spaces, Roller and WordPress. Posting to a blog is similar to composing a mail.

Blog manager UI

Home SpiceBird Screen


Inbox Screen

Application Chooser inbox


Contacts List

Chat Sidebar Spicebird


Calendar Month Preview



Task Screen



Rss Gadget


Google Maps



Fun Gadgets



Installation instructions


GNU/Linux (32-bit)

Installation instructions

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