AIMP Player a Winamp like


Is similar to Winamp but is called AIMP a Freeware audio player. Now updated to v2 and comes with a lot of new features. Support the most used audio format a good functionality and friendly user interface. Options to listen Internet-Radio, audio converter, audio grabber and recorder without forgetting the advanced Tag Editor.

Here you have two direct links to download AIMP:

from or

On AIMP website you can find news or other plugins.

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  1. I have installed other players to get to this conclusion. I used to be a big fan of Winamp, but it just doesn’t meet MY needs anymore. MediaMonkey/JetAudio are better choices. While JetAudio has better audio quiality, MediaMonkey has some AWESOME media library management features. Compared to Winamp, MediaMonkey’s media library is intuitive, easy to use and has additional features like AutoDJ and PartyMode that are just great. The audio quility is not that bad. But what I disliked most about this player is that it’s media management features are NOT interoperable with JetAudio/MediaMonkey.

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