Vista: How to Rip Music from CD to MP3 for Free


All versions of vista come with the ability to rip music to mp3 files for free. Many music players, including Apple’s iPod, will not play the default wma format. By using the mp3 format, you ensure that you can listen to your music on any music device.

The XP days of hacking around to get the Windows Media Player to rip to MP3 is over. With a couple of easy steps, Vista will always rip to mp3 files.

MP3 is still the universal compressed music format. By using this format, your music collection will likely play on any device for many years to come.

1. In Vista open the Windows Media Player (wmp)
2. Click the downward arrow under the Rip button
3. Select Format and then MP3

4. You may also want to increase the Bit Rate if you want higher quality music but larger file sizes
5. Click the Rip button and insert your CD

If you are connected to the internet, wmp will try to tag your files automatically. If it is unable to do so, it may ask you for some information to better tag your music.

During the ripping process you can also uncheck any files that you do not want ripped from your CD.


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