TOP 100+ best Free Opensource Software for windows XP and Vista-PART2

Personal Finance

Simple, easy to use application for managing personal finances.
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Easy to use Accounting package
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Chat Clients

MSN Messenger client written in TCL/TK
AMSN Messenger


IRC Client

More Web Browsing

Fast, nice web browser.
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Amaya Browser for Windows
W3C developed web browser and editor for multiple platforms
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Electric Sheep
Immersive, trippy screensaver.
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More Filesharing

GNUTella client based on the Limewire codebase.
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Also see: Poisoned Azureus

3D Graphics and Modeling

Powerful 3D Modeling software.
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Also see: Kerkythea (illumination engine) – Persistence of VisionRaytracer – Quesa

Stars and Outer Space

Open-source 3D planetarium software. Akin to traveling through space (outer space).
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“Renders realistic skys in realtime.” See what you would see if your city wasn’t so light-polluted. Used in real planetariums.
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Also see: macORSA – Orbit Reconstruction, Simulation, and Analysis


Marathon: Aleph One
Engine for Bungie’s free FPS series Marathon. Play online, solo play with rich original story, many total conversions and thousands of maps.
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3D zombie strategy game.
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Armagetron Advanced
3D Tron game.
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First-person tank game.
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Battle for Wesnoth logo
Battle for Wesnoth

Fantasy / Strategy Game
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Also see: Snes9X (SNES emulator), Frozen Bubble

Free File Hosting

CC Publisher
Host Creative Commons video or audio files for free on with this easy uploader.
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Security Tools

Easy to use port scanner for Windows
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Network Protocol Analyzer, formerly called Ethereal
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Creates encrypted virtual hard drives for extra security
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Open Source Anti-Virus. Very good at detecting viruses. Can be plugged into hMailServer for e-mail protection
LIMITATION: Real Time scanning not implemented yet
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Delete files securely off your hard drive utilizing DoD standards
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MP3 and Audio Tools

MP3 Gain
Easy to use MP3 manipulation tool for Windows. adjusts sound levels on MP3’s so they are all the same
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MP3 Book Helper
This program provides rapid Mp3 (ID3v1, ID3v2) and Ogg/Speex/Flac Vorbis tags editing and file renaming functions. Mass Tag editing is done using special variables and Regular Expressions.
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Open Source MP3 Player, ripper and organizer written using the .NET Framework
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File archiver.
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Developer tools

Open Source IDE for the .NET Framework. Utilizes the multiple programming languages and Windows forms
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Notepad ++
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Open Source programmers notepad for Windows

Source code Editor for Windows and X
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Web Developer Server Suite

Very good WAMP Stack (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Very thouroughly tested on Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 Server (preliminary testing on Longhorn Server underway). Highly Recommended.
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Mapping Tools

Nasa World Wind
Mapping tool similar to Google Earth for Windows. Must have the .NET Framework installed.
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