Fixmymovie Brings CSI To Your Cellphone


You know those situations in CSI when some villain is on a killing spree, and all the proof the detectives have is an incredibly blurry movie, but then they “enhance” it and extract unbelievably detailed imagery out of it, like fingerprints on an ashtray? Well a company by the name of MotionDSP presented a somewhat similar technology at DEMOfall 07 called Fixmymovie. It offers simple video enhancement based on technology originally developed for real forensics.

And, if you believe those before/after images, they really deliver, turning a shoddy video from your mobile phone and turning it into a much smoother, artifact-free affair, all at one touch of a button. And better yet, it’s not only good for mobile phones – it works on all videos, regardless of source. Fixmymovie is a web based application; after you’re done with the video, you can download it, share it, embed it on your blog, or your Facebook/MySpace personal profile. As far as formats are concerned, you can get your videos in H.264, WMV, QuickTime or Flash.

Fixmymovie is currently in beta, and during the beta period anyone can enhance videos smaller than 20 MB and in resolutions of 352×288 or less.

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