Safari comes to Windows

Jobs: one more thing… a browser war
Steve Jobs has re-kindled the browser wars – only this time Firefox is in the firing line, as well as Microsoft. Apple’s CEO today opened his company’s developer conference in San Francisco, where he outlined an ambitious target to take over Firefox’s 15 per cent market share. How? By releasing a Windows version of Apple’s less-than-stellar Safari browser.


Mac developers also had their definitive answer on whether Apple will open up its newest baby – the iPhone. Nope, not in a million years… Only Apple engineers will be able to add native applications to the iPhone.

Instead, Jobs offered a “sweet” workaround: to run Web 2.0 applications, written with the “latest Web standards” such as Ajax, in the Safari web browser. He outlined his vision during a Monday morning WWDC keynote where he also outlined features for the latest incarnation of Mac OS X, Leopard. Leopard, due this fall around the same time as Firefox 3, will feature Safari 3, released to beta here.

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