Fedora 8 Release Schedule

A 5 month development schedule has been planned for Fedora 8
in order to get into a regular and predictable release schedule with a new release every 6 months. Having a new release on April and October moves development forward without getting distracted with winter holidays and Red Hat fiscal quarters.

Documentation Project Schedule


20 July 2007-F8 Test1 development freeze
1 August 2007-F8 Test1 release
27 August 2007-F8 FEATURE freeze
– F8 string freeze
-F8 Test2 development freeze
5 September 2007-F8 Test2 Release
24 September 2007-F8 translation freeze
-F8 Test3 development freeze
3 October 2007-F8 Test3 Release
-Continual freeze. Only critical bugs fixed
24 October 2007-Final devel freeze
7 November 2007-F8 General Availability

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