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3 Websites for Android Apps

Now Android is very popular as Symbian and iOS and the same are the Android Applications. The first place you want to go for an applications is for sure the Android Market. You can find the featured and the top…

Free Ringtones for your iPhone

TheTones360 is a site where you can find a lot of free ringtones for your mobile phone. Everything is organized by genre or by artist, although, obviously, we can use the search engine to find a ringtone in particular. There…

Free Sound Studio for Android

Ringdroid is an Android application for recording and editing sounds, and creating ringtones, directly on the handset. 3GPP/AMR is the format used when you record sounds directly on the handset, but Ringdroid support also WAV and MP3 format.

16 Applications for Nokia S60

16 applications from Nokia Beta Lab compatible with the most S60 versions. The newest applications is Nokia Email service published the first week of August. Nokia Email service is designed with active mobile email users in mind. During this trial…