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Solve Android KitKat Launch Date

Is android KitKat 4.4 coming on October 18th? Everybody dance now! #AndroidKITKAT — KITKAT (@KITKAT) October 15, 2013 Sometimes you have to look for the signs… — KITKAT (@KITKAT) October 16, 2013

Google Chrome 18 Available for Update

Chrome’s most recent stable release version is 18.0.1025.142. Chrome is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. This new version comes with several security and bug fixes. This version also contains the new Adobe Flash release and better performance for Canvas…

New Google’s Easter Eggs

Have you recently searched any base conversation? If yes, you may have notice something strange in Google results. When you search for binary, octal and hexadecimal that refer to different number systems, Google will write the number of results using…

Picasa 3.9 Available for download-New features

Most of Google products now are integrated with Google+. Picasa 3.9 lets you share directly to Google+ and offers a much richer selection of editing tools. Now with the new Picasa you can tag Google+ Names. You can add photo…