16 Applications for Nokia S60


16 applications from Nokia Beta Lab compatible with the most S60 versions. The newest applications is Nokia Email service published the first week of August. Nokia Email service is designed with active mobile email users in mind. During this trial period, connect to Google Gmail or many of the thousands of personal email accounts offered by other ISPs (Internet Service Providers).
And the lasted updated is the Enhanced Calculator for S60. It comes with advanced features and improved usability.

  • Nokia Calculator

    Enhanced Calculator for S60
    Advanced calculator with improved usability

  • Nokia Email Service

    Nokia Email service
    Your email straight from your Nokia device

  • Nokia Chat

    Nokia Chat
    Keep in touch with your friends

  • A-GPS Beta for Nokia N810

    A-GPS Beta for Nokia N810
    Improve GPS fix time on N810

  • Nokia Music PC Client

    Nokia Music PC Client
    Play, organize, discover, and download music

  • Nokia Step Counter

    Nokia Step Counter
    Every step you take

  • MUPE

    Gateway to multi-user games and services.

  • Internet Tablet Video Converter

    Internet Tablet Video Converter
    Enjoy your videos on your Internet Tablet.

  • Nokia Audiobooks

    Nokia Audiobooks
    Educate and entertain yourself.

  • MOSH Client

    MOSH Client
    Your Stuff. Any Phone. Everywhere.

  • Conversation

    Group your messages to conversational threads.

  • Gizmo for S60

    Gizmo for S60
    Instant messaging and free Internet calls.

  • Mobile Web Server

    Mobile Web Server
    Make your phone accessible via web browser.

  • Mobile Codes

    Mobile Codes
    Create 2D barcodes as real-world hyperlinks.

  • Wellness Diary

    Wellness Diary
    Track your health and well-being.

  • Sports Tracker

    Sports Tracker
    GPS based activity tracker and training diary

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