Android Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are new to Android Studio, follow our previews Android tutorial for beginners. Here we will cover some of the Keyboard shortcuts that are very useful and save some time. To make some custom changes you have to go over: Android Studio > Preferences > Keymap.

Programming key commands

ActionAndroid Studio Key Command
Command look-up (autocomplete command name)CTRL + SHIFT + A
Project quick fixALT + ENTER
Reformat codeCTRL + ALT + L (Win)
OPTION + CMD + L (Mac)
Show docs for selected APICTRL + Q (Win)
F1 (Mac)
Show parameters for selected methodCTRL + P
Generate methodALT + Insert (Win)
CMD + N (Mac)
Jump to sourceF4 (Win)
CMD + down-arrow (Mac)
Delete lineCTRL + Y (Win)
CMD + Backspace (Mac)
Search by symbol nameCTRL + ALT + SHIFT + N (Win)
OPTION + CMD + O (Mac)

Project and editor key commands

ActionAndroid Studio Key Command
BuildCTRL + F9 (Win)
CMD + F9 (Mac)
Build and runSHIFT + F10 (Win)
CTRL + R (Mac)
Toggle project visibilityALT + 1 (Win)
CMD + 1 (Mac)
Navigate open tabsALT + left-arrow; ALT + right-arrow (Win)
CTRL + left-arrow; CTRL + right-arrow (Mac)

For more shortcuts download the full pdf IntelliJ PDF Shortcuts

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