Free Code Editors for Ubuntu


Some of the highlights.

  • Syntax highlight PHP, CSS, HTML.
  • Auto complete function names, parameters and variables.
  • Syntax checking (lint).
  • Integrated help inside the editor.

Install gphpedit by executing following command.

sudo apt-get -y install gphpedit


Screem has each and every functionality a web developer ever need. Some of the highlights of screem.

  • Link validation.
  • Auto completion, high level tree view of functions and variables.
  • DTD checking and suggesting html that is compatible with current DTD.
  • Plugin support or helper applicaitons. eg: HTMLTidy to clean up code.
  • Automatically close tags.
  • Preview page.
  • Page template support.
  • Auto sync with remote site.
  • Spell checker.
  • Task management to track status of your project using TODO comments.
  • Wizards to simplify code generation.
  • PHP function reference.

Install screem by issuing following command.

sudo apt-get -y install screem

quanta plus

Qutanta+ is one of the state of the art all purpose editor around.Some of the highlights here.

  • Syntax coloring.
  • Auto complete.
  • Integrated source-control support system.
  • Remote site sync.

Install quanta by running following command.

sudo apt-get -y install quanta

kate & gedit

These are notepad’s of linux except that notepad has to shame on itself. Both of them are lightweight and look simple in their first look. Here are some of the highlights of kate & gedit.

  • Syntax coloring.
  • Map your custom actions to keyboard shortcuts(gedit).
  • Plugin support makes these editors worth $50.

Install kate , gedit

gvim / vim

vim is one the fastest editor available on Ubuntu. Once you get comfortable with vim your will unlearn a mental decease “Arrow key syndrome”.

  • Has support for plugins and has many plugins available to support php.
  • Integrated debugging via a plugin.
  • Or any other thing you are dreaming of.

Install gvim by issuing following command

sudo apt-get -y install vim-full

Get vim plugins.

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