Beware, your Theme can Hack your blog!


Do you know that hackers/crackers can enter to your website through your WordPress theme? This is completely true. On the theme pack can be hidden malicious scripts of shell codes. So this post is to show you how to protect from this event.

Downloading a WordPress theme
Most important is the website where you download themes. It have to be popular and trusted. You can take a look to WordPress theme Directory or other recommended sites.

Check the WordPress theme files
If you can’t find your favorite themes to this trusted sites and you have downloaded from third party sites, unzip the files make a virus scan and take a look to the files inside the theme in files folder and images folder.

Install security plugins
I have seen at WordPress plugin directory a lot of pluings dedicated to WordPress security. As WP Security Scan for your password strength, file permissions, database security etc. And Theme Authenticity Checker known as TAC can scan your theme files for potentially malicious or unwanted code.

This are my recommendations how to protect from bad themes, say yours by commenting this post. Thank your for reading.

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