Free Ringtones for your iPhone


TheTones360 is a site where you can find a lot of free ringtones for your mobile phone. Everything is organized by genre or by artist, although, obviously, we can use the search engine to find a ringtone in particular. There are around 250 thousand ringtones over 8,200 artists. All ringtones available on the site are free and can be downloaded in MP3 format for any cell, in MP4 for iPhone, or AMR for old cell phones.

16 Applications for Nokia S60


16 applications from Nokia Beta Lab compatible with the most S60 versions. The newest applications is Nokia Email service published the first week of August. Nokia Email service is designed with active mobile email users in mind. During this trial period, connect to Google Gmail or many of the thousands of personal email accounts offered by other ISPs (Internet Service Providers).
And the lasted updated is the Enhanced Calculator for S60. It comes with advanced features and improved usability.

  • Nokia Calculator

    Enhanced Calculator for S60
    Advanced calculator with improved usability

  • Nokia Email Service

    Nokia Email service
    Your email straight from your Nokia device

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    Nokia PC Suite 7.0 available for download


    For all Nokia Fans PC Suite 7.0 is available for download. Nokia PC Suite is a software package used to establish an interface between Nokia mobile devices and computers that run Microsoft Windows operating system. It can be used to transfer music, photos and applications. It can also be used to send Short Message Service (SMS) messages or act as a modem to connect the computer to the Internet. A mobile phone can be connected by USB, Bluetooth, or infrared.

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    Nokia develops eco phone concept


    Nokia is challenging traditional mobile phone concepts and seeking to help the environment in one go, with the unveiling of its Eco Sensor Concept handset design.

    The Finnish phone giant claims it designed the handset not only to be capable of making calls, but also to provide individual and ecological benefits.

    While the Eco Sensor phones doesn’t seem as though the phone’s designed to let users monitor their individual carbon footprint, Nokia claimed that by making the handset as small as possible, it’ll be helping to minimise any environmental impact and reducing the need for too many materials.


    Where next?
    By creating the Nokia Eco Sensor Concept, we hope to stimulate an ongoing discussion and idea sharing – both within the mobile industry and with consumers. Through these discussions, we hope to gain a better understanding of what we can do with mobile technology in the near future and how we can lead the mobile industry towards a sustainable future.

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    Free Calls from the Internet


    Flashphone is a free-of-charge web-service which allows you to call from the internet page. You don’t need to install anything but you should have Adobe Flash Player (is free and you can download from here). All that is necessary for calls – headset and sufficient bandwidth of your internet connection. Never before the IP-telephony was such simple and accessible. You can call every state and the call duration is 3 minutes, they are still in beta version. The input number format is: Country Code->Area Code->Phone Number. Flashphone is available also from your mobile phone at 


    Wallpapers for mobile phone


    moboPic lets you create cell phone wallpapers instantly and free. Just three easy steps and your new wallpaper is ready. Upload any picture (we support JPG, PNG and GIF files up to 2Mb), choose your cell phone from our presets and enjoy your new wallpaper.

    We have presets for all major phone vendors and models (Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and others), so you don’t need to know your picture size.

    moboPic is absolutely free. Enjoy!