Set up a firewall on Ubuntu


You can optionally install a firewall to protect your computer against unauthorized access by people on the Internet or your network. Firewalls block connections to your computer from unknown sources, which helps to prevent security breaches.

  1. Install the firestarter package from the “Universe” repository (see Add Applications).

  2. To start Firestarter, choose System → Administration → Firestarter, and enter your administrator password when prompted.

  3. The Firewall Wizard should run. If it does not, press Firewall → Run Wizard.

  4. Follow the steps in the Firewall Wizard. After completing all of the steps, the firewall should be configured and running.

  5. To check that your firewall is working correctly, make use of an online firewall testing service such as ShieldsUP.

For help and advice on the advanced configuration of Firestarter, see the Firestarter Online Manual.

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