iPod Touch first look – 7 minutes of iPod touch heaven

[youtube Nx1EWwBPSZk]
Christopher Breen from Macworld has set up a tripod and camcorder to record the first impressions of the iPod Touch. Here we have is 7 minutes of pure iPod Touch heaven.

By Jason Snell

The iPod touch, announced by Steve Jobs last week, arrived in stores (and our offices) on Thursday.

So what’s the first thing we did once we had an iPod touch in our hot little hands? Well, okay, the first thing we did was get one to Christopher Breen so he could start writing his complete review of the little sucker, which you should see on our site very soon.

But the second thing we did was set up our trusty camcorder and tripod and record our first impressions of the iPod touch for you to see. And here’s the result: more than seven minutes of pure iPod touch heaven.

We’ll be showing you much more in the coming days, but we hope this first video will give you a sense of the iPod touch, what it looks like, and how it compares to iPhone.

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