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About Loudtalks

The story

When asking a person, who is at a distant location, a quick question most people would prefer a text chat over a phone call. Phone calls (even free ones) lose to instant messaging because of the ritual associated with them, which makes things too complicated. Phone call requires focus and dedicated time from all parties involved, which is difficult even for one-on-one communication and nearly impossible for larger groups. Everybody who ever tried to arrange a conference call knows this.

At the same time, if you want to ask something a person sitting next to you, you will most likely use your voice. If you want to announce something to the people in the room you will just say it aloud.

There is no reason why humans should prefer to use a keyboard to communicate. Especially a tiny mobile one. Loudtalks is about voice communication without calls, instant messaging without typing.

The experience
You have something to say – you push the button and say it. That’s it. No typing, no typos, no calling, no busy signal. Group communication with Loudtalks is just as easy – everybody participates at his own pace and the entire group stays tuned, without interrupting their normal activity. Public safety services use this method for ages and there is a good reason for that. It simply works.

The technology

Loudtalks is based on p2p-architecture, which allows scaling easily, and proprietary protocols optimized for real-time communication over low-bandwidth and high-latency connections such as GPRS or EDGE.

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