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How to remove CD scratches

Surfing around there are a lot of techniques how to remove cd/dvd scratches Here you have some of them. Enjoy! [youtube Z537As9ehXo] [metacafe 661486/repair_cds_using_chewing_gum]

Build your own spy gadget

For less than 25$ you can build a Spy Stethoscope, which you can use to hear through walls what your neighbours are talking. Just watch the video [metacafe 840674/high_tech_spy_stethoscope] [via blogmond.com]

Veoh Search Now Powered by Pixsy

Veoh has signed a deal with Pixsy, which will now power its search for video and images on the video-sharing network. Real-time search results will now be available for Veoh users, and as Veoh has received quite a bit of…

Special KISS – Video

Some girls come engaged from a famous cosmetic company in order to test a new lipstick( cacao butter ). The test only consists in kissing 2 beautiful boys whom they have, that before giving to the kiss the girls comes…