video to Android – The Google gPhone

Below is the video from Sergey Brin, where he begins by explaining how excited he is about Android. Yet, I don’t see the excitement, not a smile, not any body movements, nothing. If you are excited about something, SHOW IT. The other guy who follows Sergey also seems bored with the whole thing. Scoble calls the $10M a bribe, I wonder more if indie developers will care seeing as tho there was no passion in any of these videos. Naturally corporate and startups will get their developers working on apps for this new OS.

So to sum up Android: It’s a Google OS which is “open” to anyone to create whatever they want with. I can only guess that phones that support Android will ship with lots of fun Google apps pre-built.

Here is Sergey’s intro video to Android:
[youtube 1FJHYqE0RDg]

[via Centernetworks]

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Street Fighter 4- Teaser Trailer

Capcom has confirmed the development of Street Fighter 4 at an event in London.

Very little solid information about the game has been given; not even the platforms upon which the game will appear. However, this trailer should be more than enough to send the hardcore fighting game fans out there crumbling to their knees in awestruck anticipation.

Now, let’s get to that trailer.

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