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How much you earn with AdSense every month. The answer depends on many factors, like for example, the CTR but more than nothing, eCPM that is very different in certain zones from the world, in where sometimes it is paid more, and sometimes less, and is not a secret that in Latin America is paid very little in comparison to other zones like Europe.

AdSenseMeter is a site that helps to determine us how much we could win with AdSense in certain blog, taking into account the traffic measured with Alexa, and using eCPM variable that we can modify to our pleasure.

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Google Earth 4.3 Released


The Google Earth team release today the latest version of Google Earth, available at The release of Google Earth 4.3 (beta) greatly advances our vision of offering a realistic, 3D model of the world by giving users a higher quality, more immersive experience.

Here’s a summary of what’s new:
New navigation – Google Earth is a 3D application, but we realized that a lot of our users never quite got the hang of using the tilt feature to navigate around 3D features like mountains and buildings. Not only that, but even for expert users, if you tried to get down to the ground and navigate at street-level, navigation was cumbersome and confusing. Well, no more.
We spent a lot of time rethinking how users interact with 3D data. We realized that when in outer space and far above the ground, you really want standard map-like controls that allow you to pan and zoom smoothly. However, if you want to get down to the ground and check out a city street, you really want a street-level navigation mode like you’d typically find in a video game.
Finally, you want to be able to seamlessly transition between these modes as you fly down to visit a city and fly back out to space. So we modified the zoom control. As you get closer to the ground, your view slowly tilts, almost as if you are parachuting onto the ground. We also added a new control, the “look” joystick, which allows you to look around. If you are on the ground, you can change your viewpoint and look up at buildings, down canyons, or over at the rising sun. If you use the “pan” joystick when on the ground, you will follow the ground as if you were walking on it.

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New Google webapp comes to iPhone and iPod touch


The new Google experience is integrated to make it quick and easy for you to find, use and switch between Google’s mobile applications including Search, Gmail, Calendar, Reader and more.

From Apple web site:

About Google Search
Get the answer you’re looking for – fast. Anything from flight updates and sports results, images and weather reports to web and mobile web pages is just a click away. We’ll also make sure that pages are formatted appropriately for your iPhone.
Local listings at your fingertips. Search and locate everything from restaurants to a local dry cleaner. Google will suggest businesses in your area and remember where you are. So the next time you search, you’ll get to the listings you’re looking for faster and easier.

What’s New in this Version
– The new Google experience is integrated to make it quick and easy for you to find, use and switch between Google’s mobile applications including Search, Gmail, Calendar, Reader and more.

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Synchronize Local Documents With Google Docs Using DocSyncer


Google Docs is one of the most popular services used to edit Word and Excel documents online. You can easily download all the documents from Google Docs to your local machine and vice versa.


The process of uploading and downloading the documents can get tedious at times and a automatic synchronizer should definitely be helpful. DocSyncer is a useful utility which will allow you to synchronize your local documents with Google Docs.


DocSyncer will initially upload all your documents to your Google Docs account and then keep a watch on the documents for any changes that are made to them. It will automatically synchronize the changes. If you add or save new documents it will automatically be uploaded to your Google Docs account.

DocSyncer [request invite] | Download [if you have invite]

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The Future of Google Apps



A recent presentation from Scott Johnston, a former JotSpot executive, revealed some of the future  plans for Google Apps and other Google services.
A service based on JotSpot will replace Google Page Creator. "Scheduled to be launched sometime next year (2008), Google Sites will expand upon the Google Page Creator already offered within Apps. Based on JotSpot collaboration tools, Sites will allow business to set up intranets, project management tracking, customer extranets, and any number of custom sites based on multi-user collaboration." The service will also allow you to upload any file formats. You can already see a gallery of applications that use JotSpot.
As expected, most Google services will become Gears-enabled and will start to work even when you’re offline. "Will users be able to edit docs, spreadsheets and presentation offline? Scott’s answer was yes, and that the Google Gears plugin would handle the offline work. In addition, Google Gears support is in the works for Gmail and Google Calendar."
Another service that will become a part of Google Apps is GrandCentral, but the integration is not expected to be available very soon.

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