Free Icons for Developers


Jonas Rask Design has created a set of beautiful 32 x 32 px toolbar icons. He has decided to release these free for developers and private individuals alike. You can use them in your applications, in your toolbar, on your website. It’s entirely up to you. A credit or backlink is not required but appreciated. Package includes ICNS,PNG, TIFF, Mac Icons and Pixadex iContainer versions.


CSS Text Wrapper – Hot Curves


You are in trouble with CSS? I found your solution. The web site offer you to wrap the text . What you need this? The answer is short ADS (advertising)  or IMG (image). The CSS Text Wrapper allows you to easily make HTML text wrap in shapes other than just a rectangle. You can make text wrap around curves, zig-zags, or whatever you want. All you have to do is draw the left and right edges below and then copy the generated code to your web site.


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Cool Gmail Emoticons

Some emoticons that you can use for Gmail chat, was unknown stuff but are very nice.

To use emoticons, just choose one of these options:

  • Type the appropriate combination of keys and press Enter.
  • Click the blue smiley-face button at the right of the text-entry field. A pop-up menu appears, where you can choose from different emoticon sets, including circular, rectangular, or standard.

Here’s a list of the cool emoticons in standard format:



Rome – Rainbow at Trevi fountain


we think different 😛

Updated with the photos Who made Trevi’s Fountain red.

ROME (Reuters) – Rome’s Trevi fountain turned into a blood red pool on Friday after coloring was dumped into the water, police said.

Police found a box of leaflets nearby in which a previously unknown group called the “FTM Futuristic Action 2007” claimed responsibility. The group says it seeks to defend the unemployed, old and sick, among others.

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Open Sourse Templates


Some web-sites offer high quality templates for free. You can download Flash and CSS based layouts and use them for your personal and commercial projects.

Open Sourse Templates:

  • Open Source Templates
  • Master Templates
  • Open Source Web Design
  • Open Web Design
  • Interspire Free Templates
  • Template Monster
  • Template Navigator
  • Layouts 4 Free
  • Free CSS Templates
  • Dotcom Web Design
  • Free Flash Template
  • Steve?s Free Templates
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