Rome – Rainbow at Trevi fountain


we think different 😛

Updated with the photos Who made Trevi’s Fountain red.

ROME (Reuters) – Rome’s Trevi fountain turned into a blood red pool on Friday after coloring was dumped into the water, police said.

Police found a box of leaflets nearby in which a previously unknown group called the “FTM Futuristic Action 2007” claimed responsibility. The group says it seeks to defend the unemployed, old and sick, among others.

[youtube 4Y5rDhiB-m4]

Actress Anita Ekberg famously frolicked in the fountain’s pool in the 1960s film La Dolce Vita. Earlier this year, a 40-year-old office clerk made headlines when she swam naked in the fountain in front of a crowd of tourists


His Name is Graziano Cecchini and there are working also under other places, like Florence and Palermo.


From Le Iene Show (italia 1)

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