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Movie Mistakes

Relax people you work a lot! In the pictures below there are some movie error 🙂 take a look, really funny and keep the eyes open when you see e movie to find more mistakes.

Street Fighter 4- Teaser Trailer

Capcom has confirmed the development of Street Fighter 4 at an event in London. Very little solid information about the game has been given; not even the platforms upon which the game will appear. However, this trailer should be more…

More than 40 Media Players

Cross-Platform Amarok – Amarok is a cross-platform intuitive music player for Linux, UNIX and the Mac operating system. Its features include lyrics support, Wikipedia integration, music statistics and a contextual browser. BHplayer – BHplayer doubles as a media player &…

Veoh Search Now Powered by Pixsy

Veoh has signed a deal with Pixsy, which will now power its search for video and images on the video-sharing network. Real-time search results will now be available for Veoh users, and as Veoh has received quite a bit of…