Add your Blog to WordPress Showcase


Before I go ahead with WP showcase, I want to communicate that WordPress 2.7 Beta 3 is now available for download. You can get WordPress 2.7 Beta 3 or update to Beta 3 via the Tools -> Update menu. Be sure to make a manual backup to your old files, in WP 2.7 an automatic update is implemented.

WordPress Showcase, announced Nov 1 and is growing really faster. Visiting Showcase you can find some of the best and brightest WordPress users, who are using it to do a whole lot more than blog.

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Best of WordPress Tutorials – More than 100 recourses

Wordpress Tutoriales - Best Of wordpress

To make your blog unique is very important for the success. Without any guide or tutorial is very hard. Here you will find more than 100+ WordPress tutorial, hack, tips for a unique and friendly blog.

Featured Post Carousel


Yes, I started this post with Nettuts Featured Carousel. Find out how to implement this in WordPress. Demo

WordPress Theme Hacks


Everything you need for a cool WordPress theme.

Separate WordPress Comments and Trackbacks


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Beware, your Theme can Hack your blog!


Do you know that hackers/crackers can enter to your website through your WordPress theme? This is completely true. On the theme pack can be hidden malicious scripts of shell codes. So this post is to show you how to protect from this event.

Downloading a WordPress theme
Most important is the website where you download themes. It have to be popular and trusted. You can take a look to WordPress theme Directory or other recommended sites.

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Released Ubuntu WP – Free WordPress Theme


Lady’s and Gentlemen, I’m glad to release today “Ubuntu WP” a Free WordPress Theme.

Ubuntu is a computer operating system. It is often rated as the most popular of the many Linux distributions.

Here we are with this nice theme will a lot of features and support also WordPress 2.6+.

Ubuntu WP – Features:

  • Widget Ready
  • Support Tags
  • CSS Valid
  • HTML Valid

The theme load time is very fast and this is most important. I have used just a few images and no other scripts.

Preview: Ubuntu WP

[download id=”13″]

(please don’t upload the theme in other server without my permission and please don’t link directly)