MTV Music – New Site with Music Video On Line


Mtv is testing a newest online service that allows to try and to watch all the video clips of the history.

So don’t worry everyone, the site is only going to get better from here. You think we’ve put up a lot of videos? Well, we haven’t even scratched the surface of the videos we are going to show you.

We have only to be patient because you know the MTV video archive is really really huge. For the moment is a Most Viewed, Top rated and some featured videos but for sure you can search by typing the artist or a song title. Yep! Another YouTube rival.

Free Lyrics search engine


From Lyricsfly you can your favorite song titles for free.  A database with 600,000 songs is under this script. use a slightly modified java script engine from the brilliantly crafted Google Suggest project, along with some PHP code to serve suggestions as text is being typed into the input field. All lyrics come from user contributions and may not always be accurate. Forms to correct lyrics are included with each song title.

Convert Video to MP3


I was asking if is any simply and fast method to convert online videos to mp3 and when I found VidToMP3. VidToMP3 is free service that allows you to download the audio (mp3 format) from none-copyrighted video clips on video sites! The website support most popular video websites sites like; Myspace, Youtube, Google video and more.

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Karaoke Free and On Line


Red Karaoke is a free online karaoke service over the Internet . You can choose a song from the Red Karaoke database, sing it and record it, entirely through the network browser and without having to install a karaoke program in their computers. All a user has to do to be able to record a song is register for free on Red Karaokeand use a microphone for the recording .

I just was recording and singing the "4 minutes" Maddona. Really cool. After that i finisht the song, will be available to all users, who can reproduce it, vote on the performance and add comments or send messages to the singer. The vote total will generate listings and rankings of the best singers.

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