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How to Reveal Asterisk Password

All you need a updated browser that I’m pretty sure that you have one! This is quick hack how to reveal Asterisk Passwords. All browsers now offers the option to save the password once you log-in on a website. Your…

Xtend, different way programming Java

Eclipse introduced Xtend, a new programming language for Java developers. Xtend is not meant to replace Java all together but to be a convenient alternative in situations where Java need some hard work! How Xtend works

How to add hotkeys to the keyboard

I don’t know you but personally I like and use a lot hotkeys. They save me a lot of time. Hotkeys is smart in the way it launches applications and opens documents. When a key combination is pressed hotkeys will…

How to show filename extensions?

After the post with the list of most popular extensions here is a trick how to show the filename extension. The image above that you can find in folder options, tab View, uncheck the options "Hide extensions for known file…

Move the cursor without mouse

Here is a hack for mouse pointer. When something is going wrong with your mouse driver you can move anyway the pointer with your keyboard. In Windows hold on the keys Shift+Alt+Num Lock

How to take Screenshots of iPhone Screen

Take Screenshots of iPhone Screen 1. Press the front button on the iPhone. 2. Hold down the power button on top of iPhone simultaneously. 3. The iPhone screen will flash momentarily 4. Your screenshot is saved in a new folder…