15+ Best Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts


We are close to final release for Windows 7. The Windows key now performs a wide variety of functions. Here are a handful of the most useful ones:

1. Win+h – Move current window to full screen
2. Win+i – Restore current full screen window to normal size or minimize current window if not full screen
3. Win+Shift+Arrow – Move current window to alternate screen
4. Win+D – Minimize all windows and show the desktop
5. Win+E – Launch Explorer with Computer as the focus
6. Win+F – Launch a search window
7. Win+G – Cycle through gadgets
8. Win+L – Lock the desktop

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How to show filename extensions?


After the post with the list of most popular extensions here is a trick how to show the filename extension.

The image above that you can find in folder options, tab View, uncheck the options "Hide extensions for known file type" and confirm OK. All the files will have the .extension in the end.

This is more useful if you work with attachments files by email and don’t want that under a image is hidden an exe virus.

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