50+ Linux Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Command Line

Shortcuts are time saver, but when we switch to Linux is sometimes the only way to execute commands. This is the collections by Dave Child with the most used Linux Command Line. Download below the attached PDF file.

Nano Editor Shortcuts


CtrlR Read file
CtrlO Save file
CtrlX Close file

Cut and Paste

ALTA Start marking text
CTRLK Cut marked text or line
CTRLU Paste text

Navigate File

ALT/ End of file
CTRLA Beginning of line
CTRLE End of line
CTRLC Show line number
CTRL_ Go to line number

Search File

ALTW Find next
CTRL\ Search and replace

Bash Shell Shortcuts

CTRLc Stop current command
CTRLz Sleep program
CTRLa Go to start of line
CTRLe Go to end of line
CTRLu Cut from start of line
CTRLk Cut to end of line
CTRLr Search history
!! Repeat last command
!abc Run last command starting with abc
!abc:p Print last command starting with abc
!$ Last argument of previous command
ALT-. Last argument of previous command
!* All arguments of previous command
^abc­^­123 Run previous command, replacing abc with 123

Download Command Line PDF Cheat Sheet

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