25+ awesome must-have iPhone freebies


Here is a list of must-have apps for your iPhone. I’ve spend some time to finding out free apps with direct links to iTunes. Included applications also for Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

  • A personal assistant Condemn your organizer to the scrap heap with this app, letting you fit all your personal accounts in the palm of your hand.
  • AIM Keep in touch, send instant messages and check up on your friends’ statuses. The AIM app is rock solid, and even works with Apple’s
  • AroundMe Instantly find nearby banks, gas stations, coffee shops, and other businesses and services.
  • Bubble wrap Everyone loves bubble wrap. Pop, pop, pop! It shouldn’t be fun, but it really is! This wonderfully simple app shows off the responsiveness of Apple’s touchscreen.
  • Dashbuster Manage your Blockbuster or Netflix queue anytime, anywhere. Great for those times when a friend recommends a movie and you think, "Yeah, I gotta rent that."
  • Facebook The ultimate timewaster, sorry, social networking tool. Use Facebook’s dedicated iPhone app to keep in touch with everyone you know and update them with your every move.
  • Google Earth Like the desktop version? The iPhone app is even cooler because it can pinpoint your current location and "tilt" your view as your tilt your phone.
  • Graphing Calculator Why spend big bucks on a graphing calculator when your iPhone/touch can do the job for nada? This uber-handy tool offers functions ranging from absolute value to tangent.
  • Hanoi A beautiful rendition of the classic Towers of Hanoi game. The object is simple: move a stack of disks from one side of the board to the other. I couldn’t put it down.

  • iTarot All girls love horoscopes. It doesn’t matter that they’re less truthful than a Clinton speech. Impress your date by showing them your spiritual side. Make out that you check the stars and consult the cards every day, and you’ll soon be making out in a different way altogether.
  • Instapaper Free When you’re browsing on your PC and come across a Web site , blog post, news item, feature, or whatever that you want to read later, just click the Instapaper bookmarklet. Then fire up the Instapaper app on your iPhone, and presto: there’s the Web page.
  • Joost Though buggy and crash-prone in its first release, Joost brings a boatload of free streaming TV shows and movies to your iPhone. Just one catch: it requires a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Last.fm Surrounded by bored mates with no interest in your shonky music collection? Fire up this app, tap in an artist they like and Last.fm will serve up quality tunes guarnateed to get their foot tapping.
  • LifeCast This ultra-handy blogging tool lets you write posts on the move, upload photos, and even tag your entries with GPS data, so your readers will know where you were at the time.
  • MySpace Mobile Sure, it’s packed with unsigned bands and endless teenage diatribes, but MySpace is also a social networking and blogging superpower.
  • MyAccountsToGo If you’ve always dreamt of running your own business, now you can from your iPhone. How else would you be able to keep in touch with clients, sales figures, how much stock you’re shifting and your already bursting-at-the-seams accounts?
  • Movies This Flixster-powered app finds cineplexes near you, then serves up show times, trailers, and even upcoming theater and DVD releases.
  • Melodis Voice Dialer No voice dialing on the iPhone? No problem. Just press and hold a button to voice-search for contacts, or say "call" and then a name to auto-dial.
  • Remote Grab control of your computer or Apple TV right from your iPod or iPod touch from anywhere in your home. It works through your Wi-Fi network so it’s perfect for couch slouchers letting you play, pause, skip or shuffle your tunes without getting off the sofa.
  • Twitterrific Been bitten by the Twitter bug? This "micro-blogging" craze just found its way to the iPhone, letting you post instant messages known as tweets direct to the web.
  • Easy Task Manager Inundated with in-tray tasks? Keep track of all your to-do lists and become an organisational overlord with Easy Task Manager.
  • TapDefense It’s an iPhone version of the mega-popular Tower Defense game.
  • Tap Tap Revenge Hit the lights in time to the rythm, and use the iPhone’s amazing multi-touch screen to play against a friend on the same phone
  • White Noise Having trouble getting to sleep? White Noise offers an assortment of ambient sounds-waves, rain, wind chimes, etc to help you drift off.
  • Where Trace the nearest restaurants, cafes and even concerts with this helpful navigator
  • WeatherBug Don’t waste time looking up at the clouds when deciding whether to go out. With this app you’ve got a weather forecaster in your pocket

I missed something? A comment with your favorite applications is welcome.

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