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Is not the first time that we speak about web based WYSIWYG form builder. Also for pForm that recently have introduced new features in the form generator. Is not necessary to be a webmaster to create one, with simply steps drag and drop, click and edit you can create your own contact form, article form or surveys.

The pForm is free and limited to static HTML Form but with the help of any Ajax contact form you can create a full script.



The other service is called Jotform where the difference with the upper one is the possibility to create the action script. After finish with the help of iframe tag you can paste the code to you web site and everything is done. Enjoy this post, comments are welcome for any question or help!

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  1. I found jot and it was exactly what i was looking for except i needed more file space for forms each month and didn’t want to pay. If i build the form on Pform will it allow me to place the html in my webpage?
    I have downloaded a zipped file. What do i do next?

  2. Hi lmdalton!,

    If you built a form with pForm, you have to create also the actions script. I will suggest you to use the second service, JotForm where by creating the form you have only to paste the “iframe tag form” to your webpage!

    Best regards

  3. JotForm is by far the easiest to use, but even if I pay for the service I will not have enough upload space each month. I just found emailmeform.com and i think that may work as a wysiwyg set up.

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