Preview of The Yahoo! User Interface

The Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library

The YUI team announced YUI 3.0 Preview Release 1. This preview is an early look at what they are working on for the next generation of YUI Library. You can review the API, play with the examples, and read the documentation on this site for details; download YUI 3.0 PR1 on the YUI project area on SourceForge; you can find us with questions or comments on the YUI 3.x discussion group.

  • lighter (less K-weight on the wire and on the page for most uses)
  • faster (fewer http requests, less code to write and compile, more efficient code)
  • more consistent (common naming, event signatures, and widget APIs throughout the library)
  • more powerful (do more with less implementation code)
  • more securable (safer and easier to expose to multiple developers working in the same environment)

Please keep in mind that this is an early preview, not a production-quality (or even a beta) release.


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