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WordPress gets pretty close to becoming a practical content management solution with this plugin. Create multiple custom write panels, add custom fields (images, drop downs, file upload, images, checkboxes, textareas, etc..), photos can be automatically resized, cropped, watermarked, drop shadowed, and modified in many other ways (this plugin comes with php_thumb).In addition to being able to upload files from your computers, you can also retrieve Images from 3rd party sites on the fly.


    Custom fields
  • Retrieve images from any URL and store/manipulate them on your server.
  • Specify height, width, and numerous other requirements on your images
  • Field labels
  • Create any kind of custom field – textbox, multiline textbox, checkbox, checkbox list, radiobutton list, dropdown list, listbox, file, photo
  • Date picker
  • MP3 audio player
  • CSS class for images
  • Snipshot integration and native cropper
  • Image thumbnail preview
  • Create custom field groups and modules
  • Large file Uploads and retrievals
    Write panels
  • Integrates with Role Manager to hide panels from users with the specified roles
  • Custom write pages
  • Hide obtrusive options in the write panel
  • Create multiple custom write panels
  • Add multiple modules to your write panel
  • Reuse the same modules in different write panels
  • Sort posts (under Manage) by write panel used to compose
    Layout Management
  • Widgetize your entire theme
  • Create custom settings for each module
  • Import and export modules
  • Create size and template variations for each module
  • Define restrictions for each zone inside your theme
  • Setup default modules to be imported upon theme activation

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