Simple Mailing List manager and Newsletter manager


PHPMailer-ML is a very basic and simple Mailing List Manager and Newsletter Manager. It has been created to showcase the use of PHPMailer when sending one email or when using MySQL data for your subscriber information. PHPMailer-ML uses some of our own tips and tools to extend the PHP execution time.

PHPMailer is a full Featured Email Transfer Class for PHP integrated to PHPMailer ML for sending newsletter to subscribed users. ML is an open source script and you can use it for free in your website for sending newsletters and manage mailing lists.


1. After unzipping the files, edit the "_acp/inc.settings.php" file
   you will need:
   – the base path of the installation (ie. subdirectory)
   – your SMTP server settings
   – your MySQL settings
   * if you are unusure about anything up to this point, do not continue
     get someone to help you
2. Upload the files to a directory on your site

3. Secure the "_acp" directory using _acp/.htaccess and _acp/.htpasswd


Add the following code in your website where you like that users can subscribe to your newsletter:

<form action= method="post">First Name: <input name="first" />

      <br />Last Name: <input name="last" />

      <br />Email: <input name="email" />

      <br /><input type="submit" /> </form>

Download PHPMailer-ML Beta

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