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by Martin:

I just discovered that it is really easy to download music from Imeem. I was searching for a song that I heard in Radio and the only hit that I received was a profile link to Imeem. I had to register to listen to the song online which I did but what I really wanted was to download the song I was listening to to my computer to put it on my mp3 player which happens to be my Nokia N73 mobile phone.

The source code does not reveal lots of information about the location of the song which means I once again have to fire up Grab++ to grab the real url of the song and download it. All big music portals use randomized songs these days which are generated when a user requests the song. They are available for a short period of time only which means that time is essential.

Download Orbit Downloader if you have not done so already and start Grab++ from the Tools menu. Grab++ sits there analyzing the Internet connection waiting for multimedia links. All links to multimedia files are listed in Grab++ and can be send to the Orbit Download manager to be downloaded directly to your computer. Grab++ has to be started before you load the Imeem page that contains the music that you want to download.

The download should be started immediately after discovering the link in Grab++ to avoid a timeout. If you get a timeout and the download does not finish delete it and try again.

Imeem uses ridiculously large filenames with the flv (flash video) extension. Make sure you rename the downloaded music from Imeem to be able to recognize it later on.

[via gHacks]

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