Casting for Dragon Ball Z live action movie continues


Casting for the live action Dragon Ball Z continues with some very interesting choices. One of the first people to be cast was of course the actor that will play Goku and Justin Chatwin was given that honor. Chatwin does not have a very long acting resume, having only knocked appearances in Smallville and Lost. He also had a minor role in War of The Worlds.


The other actor cast is James Marsters, who is well known among geek circles as the vampire Spike in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Marsters has been cast in the role of Piccolo. Kind of a weird character to play but it would be interesting to see him nonetheless.

Another recent addition to the cast is Mexican Actress Camila Sodi, who will play Bulma. The male geek population will surely pay attention here because Sodi is quite beautiful.

The Dragon Ball Z movie will be produced by HK superstar Stephen Chow and will be directed by Final Destination’s James Wong. If it were up to me, I’d rather have Chow direct the movie as well.

[via forevergeek]

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