Tunning KDE 4.0

There was a complaint that it wasn’t possible to run a KDE 4 session, so I thought that it isn’t that bad and tried. I’m now typing this from a KDE 4 session, here’s my findings: composite works well, I do have transparent windows. Konsole also works well. Kate also works, I don’t see any immediate problems (above all, it certainly doesn’t crash on my machine). Marble looks nice (not a major component, but still). Plasma has some applets on the desktop (I don’t need much, but no problems there).

A basic taskbar provides access to open applications. The only Xinerama glitch I’m seeing is that menues opened appear on the other screen. Not a big deal, certainly nothing that makes working impossible. KRunner doesn’t start at the moment, but as that one always worked well for me, I doubt that it’s a long-standing problem, and I assume it’ll be fixed quickly. I’m running kontact from my KDE3 session, though. (I love my mailbox and I’m not sure how well PIM works already. :-)) Okular, dolphin and the likes show no problems. And according to powertop, it doesn not even screw up your battery life, it seems.

So Dirk will be tagging beta2 today, and that’s really the time where a lot of the developers should at least parttime use KDE4. Otherwise we’ll never have it stable. And don’t we all love seeing progress? Do we even remember having the “Ah that one is fixed now, too” feeling every single day? 🙂

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