Oops! Yahoo Dumps Britney


Just love Yahoo for their sense of humor. If you live in the US, then surely know all the trouble the poor celebrities face over there, and I have to give a big Thumbs Up to Yahoo to get something really funny out of all the celebrity gutter.

If you are aware every year Yahoo releases a Top 10 list of searches for that particular year, and last year Britney Spears topped the list. This time around Yahoo decided to something different.. Read on to find out more..

This time around, Yahoo has presented the trends in a different fashion, by grouping the Top Trends for 2007 in different categories. The topics include not only top news stories (led by Saddam Hussein) and tech trends (no surprise over here, YouTube), but also trends in fields like environment, pet food, kids’ search trends, and searches on Yahoo’s Delicious bookmark sharing site.

In the tech category, behind YouTube, was: Wikipedia; Facebook; an Apple with super hits iTunes, iPod, and iPhone; the massively popular game console Wii; Microsoft’s Xbox 360; Sony PlayStation 3; and Guitar Hero, the simulated rock-guitar computer game that has become a sensation right now world over.

The company got its sense of humor into action by creating a “Celebrity Downslides” category, topped by none other than Britney Spears, who seems to be  busy between shuffling here life between shops, courthouses, and rehab these days.

Have a read  on more the Yahoo Top Trends for 2007

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Xbox 360 gets friendly


Microsoft looks poised to add a Facebook/Friends Reunited social networking facility to the Xbox 360, when it updates the console’s dashboard later this year.

Dubbed Friends of Friends (FoF), the service will allow gamers to find old chums or connect with new ones over Xbox Live!, Microsoft said. It will also allow users to check out the profiles of friends of friends, send messages, invite people to join games and compare achievement stats.

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Xbox Live gamers to get game, gratis


Microsoft plans to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Xbox Live by giving away free games and MS points to the service’s gamers.

The company said that Xbox Live’s 8m worldwide members will be able to download a free Xbox Live Arcade game, such as Bomberman Live or Sonic the Hedgehog 2, from the current catalogue. The giveaway starts at 8.01am UK time tomorrow and ends at 7.59pm on 17 November.

In addition, Microsoft’s also giving 500 free MS points to all active Gold members who have been Xbox Live members since the service’s launch. Gold is the highest of the subscription levels.

Points are exchanged in the Xbox Live Marketplace for a range of items, including games, maps and skins.

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DivX Support Coming to Xbox 360


DivX followed up Tuesday night’s earnings report with a presentation at the JP Morgan SmMid cap conference. JP Morgan analyst Paul Coster coyly probed Kevin Hell about whether or not we were about to see DivX support on the Xbox 360. The question seemed to catch Hell off guard, and while his initial reaction was enthusiasm, there was something about his tone that suggested that Coster might be onto something.

Here is the exchange verbatim, but in order to appreciate the awkwardness of the exchange, you should really listen to the quote at the 24 minute mark of the presentation and make your own decision as to whether or not you hear a sense of urgency in Hell’s response. Continue reading