Be careful to Malicious Commands in Ubuntu


Users in Ubuntu (UNIX) use a lot the Terminal window to run different commands. But some of this commands can be extremely dangerous for you system. From these commands your files can be deleted, a huge number of processes can make your system freezes or deleting all hidden entries in a directory. Is better that everybody knows this commands so I will list some of these commands below and please be careful look but don’t run.

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How to make Ubuntu Desktop Rotate As a Cylinder/Sphere


In the lasted version of Compiz Fusion 0.7.6, to many new plugins and eye candys have been added. One of this new features is that you can now rotate your desktop as cylinder or sphere.

Before to continue you need to upgrade to the latest version of Compiz, add the repository to your sources.list

In terminal window, type the following code:

gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

Add the following line to the end

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Tutorial How to Install KDE 4.1 on Ubuntu 8.04


There are some days that KDE 4.1 is finally out, as you probably already know, and it comes with a lot of innovations for the Linux desktop. KDE 4 is the next generation of the popular K Desktop Environment, which seeks to fulfill the need for a powerful yet easy-to-use desktop, for both personal and enterprise computing. The new version provides increased stability over the first KDE 4 version and more eye candy!
Here is a step by step guide how to install KDE on your existing Ubuntu 8.04 or 8.04.1 LTS desktop.


Step 1 – Add KDE 4.1.0 Repositories
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Set up a mail server on Linux

linux mail ubuntu server pop3 imap mailserver

A simple guide how to set up a basic Postfix mail server with IMAP and POP3 services. It does not included advanced topics such as integrating virus-checking and spam-filtering.

Setup Overview

In our setup, Postfix sends and receives mail from Internet and stores them in the user mailboxes while clients in the Internet can retrieve their mails via Courier IMAP or POP3. The user authentication is done by Courier Authdaemon. The following diagram shows this process.

Install Postfix

In this setup I assume that your domain is and it has a valid MX record call Remember to replace with your actual domain in the example codes in this howto. Also I assume that you know what an MX record is. To find out MX your type in a terminal:

dig mx

To install postfix

sudo apt-get install postfix

Intall mailx package for use as command mail utility program. Mail command is installed with this package.

sudo apt-get install mailx
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3 places for your problems with Ubuntu

Help for Ubuntu, linux distro

Here are some place when you are in trouble with Ubuntu Linux. Forums and IRC channel where you get help in a very short time…les than 1 min. is one of the biggest bulletin board dedicated to Ubuntu. Everything is in the right place, just search before you post a new topic. is the Ubuntu User Manual. It’s a must-read for those new to Ubuntu, and especially for those just beginning in Linux. where people are friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous, and will do their best to answer your question.